06 Sep 2021

Hi to all members of Dursley Dolphins

We hope you had a good Summer and are looking forward to returning to training!

Further to our e-mail last week, we need to update you all on our coaching situation. Despite our best efforts (I think Becky has spoken to every swim teacher and lifeguard in a 50 mile radius!) we still do not have anyone to take over as Head Coach. We still have Hollie and Kyra (both of who have at least one other job) and our volunteers Emily, Dave and Jerry. The plan remains to cover our sessions with those coaches but this is a very temporary fix. We have to warn you that there is a chance that some sessions will have to be cancelled in the next few weeks, although we will do our very best to keep them all going.  It is very important that you have checked your emails before you leave for a session as we will let you know in that way. (If it should become necessary to cancel with only one or two days notice I will also contact swimmers by phone).

The committee is still trying to recruit coaches and lifeguards, but we are running out of options. We are speaking with a swim school who may help us out (possibly only temporarily), and there is still a possibility of ‘going in’ with other clubs. If that becomes necessary for our survival then we would hold a Special General Meeting so that all members could vote.

Once again, if any of our members can help us out with contacts or expertise, please do let us know as soon as possible.
With regard to COVID rules there have been some changes to the restrictions in place.  We would still ask that swimmers, volunteers, and parents wear masks when inside training venues before entering the pool.  Also try to maintain social distancing whenever possible.  Do not attend training if you have COVID symptoms, or have tested positive.  Wycliffe are permitting us to allow parents on site BUT please be aware that we cannot permit parents on poolside, so it will only be possible to watch from the corridor.  There is very limited space in that area, so please only one spectator per swimmer/family and do consider other parents - we may have to review this decision if it becomes too crowded.  Also we ask that parents should not enter the building until swimmers are in the pool, as they will still be changing on poolside.  We will have a committee member or another volunteer at all Wycliffe sessions, so there will be someone available in any emergency and to contact parents not in the building should you decide not to come in.
Thank you for your continued support of our Club.
Kind regards
The Committee

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